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Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

Josph Fraiman to CALCALIST: exporters should use the current levels of the USD for hedging activity

Prico to Calcalist: Volatile trade in USD/ILS is about to continue

Prico CEO: BOI can hold on with more rate hikes in the coming months

The USD continue its devaluation vs the Euro and the ILS

Following BOI governor statement: the USD is up 2.6%

November CPI is up 0.1% - Prico CEO to TheMarker: we expect inflationary pressures in the future

Mrs. Vered Itzhaki, in response to the Euro devaluation against the USD and the Israeli shekel

Prico's Commodity Analyst to Bizportal: Sugar prices are expected to break more records.

Prico to TheMarker: 4 Bio-med stocks on the spot

Prico CEO to Globes: The weakness of the USD against the Euro and the ILS

Joseph Fraiman to GLOBES : Curreny speculation in mortgage

Prico to TheMArker regarding the devaluation of the USD vs the Israeli Shaekel

Omer Baruch to Globes: Stock on the spot - VALE

Prico's CEO in channel 10 - about the Negative trend in the stock market for September

Prico's weekly Capital Market Review has been published

Prico to Globes: Stock analysis on SDS

PPM Investors' Breakfast – Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv

Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

Prico to Globes

 PRICO - Forex, Financial risk management, Investment consultancy, Portfolio management
PRICO Group, A leading and experienced investment group in Israel, specializes in foreign exchange (forex) as well as risk management and financial services. We use our knowledge acquired over years of operations around the world and in Israel since 1979, in foreign exchange, financing, hedging, risk management and investment management, to produce an added value to our customers.
We believe in full transparency with our customers to whom we provide a full range of services for their benefit without any in-house positions [no "nostro account"], in order to prevent any situation of conflict of interest.
For us the slogan "our client's success is our success too" is a way of life.
PRICO Group is a leading of construction and implementation of financial strategies and transactions in foreign exchange, financial hedging and risk management, investment consultancy, market research and portfolio management.
We work 24 hours a day for our clients , the group is holding ISO 9001:2008 standard and regulated by ISA (Israel Securities Authority).


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